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Natural Skincare

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Passionate about skincare

Doubtless Bay Botanicals – vegan, plant based, natural, free from harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

What people are saying

“My woman family members and friends love my gift of this beautiful natural product/oil. My 17 year old Grand daughter remarked how nice the oil smelt. The packaging presents the product well. Highly recommend it. ”


“I love the Doubtless Bay candle collection. I always have candles burning in my home and I’ve found they hold their fragrance right to the bottom of the jar. The scent fills the room and long after I’ve blown them out I can smell the lingering fragrance. Very happy customer. ”


“I’ve been stopped in the supermarket twice lately and people ask me what the gorgeous fragrance is I’m wearing – I had to think what I’d used after my shower that morning and all I had applied was my moisture bar on my arms and legs immediately after my shower while my skin was warm from the shower. Aside from being a great moisturiser the fragrance warms on my skin and subtly lasts throughout the day. ”