Passionate about skincare and particular about what I use on my body I decided to research what ingredients I did and didn’t want in my own line of bath and body products. It took me two years to develop this range and it’s exciting to now share it with everyone so you get to enjoy safe, natural, beneficial products for your skin too.

Doubtless Bay Botanicals – vegan, plant based, natural, free from harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

I love living in Northland and marvel at the beautiful surroundings I live in every day. We enjoy warm temperatures most of the year which make it an ideal growing climate for horticulture. Olives and avocados grow in abundance here so it made sense to include them as part of the main ingredients for Doubtless Bay botanicals.

My pharmacy retail, skincare background including herbal, homeopathy and nutritional supplements training have all helped shape my quest to seek out ‘over achievers’ in the plant world to include in my skincare.

- Regan O’Brien, founder